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Goose Creek Candles

Now available in store and online our autumn range of Goose Creek 100% American hand poured candles 24oz. 
  • Dual Wicked Essential Candle Jars (Up to 150 hours burn time)
  • All Goose Creek candles have at least two wicks, meaning they burn cleaner and generate less soot than the single wick style.
  • They generate more light, less wax residue and pure, clean fragrances. 
  • The scents, fragrance throw and burn are excellent. Only refined wax, the richest colours and the finest essential oils are used. 
  • High grade, food quality, paraffin wax is used in all candles. 
  • The wicks are made from solid cotton and in some cases may contain a paper core. 
  • Goose Creek never use wicks with a lead core.
GooseCreek Candle Wick Trimmer 17cm £5.95
GooseCreek Gas Candle Lighter 28cm £1.95